3 Words That Will Change Your Life [5★]

Mike Novotny’s 3 Words That Will Change Your Life teaches a simple but powerful message that lives up to its inherent promise. “GOD is here” is a phrase with depths of transformative potential, and Novotny explains it with wisdom, frankness, and plenty of quirky humor. 

The premise of Novotny’s book is simple: the presence of the great and glorious God depicted in the Bible can change your life in unimaginable ways. Novotny unpacks each of the three life-changing words in the three main sections of the book. 

God, he insists, is not just a vague, distant higher power, but a marvelous, personal, loving GOD. The more we think of God (both in quantity and quality), the bigger the impact on our life and the more benefits we will reap. God will forever be great than we can fathom, so Novotny urges us to always be thinking bigger, better thoughts about Him. 

The other two words in Novotny’s life-changing sentence point to God’s presence now, with us. He is always here, never changing or fading away like our health or money or social stability. And he is not far away, over there with the good people or confined within the church walls. He is here, intimately present with all who trust in Him. 

I was deeply impacted and blessed by the book’s message, and I don’t feel my review does it justice. Novotny’s writing is not dense or theologically confusing, but simple and straightforward. He writes in a casual style, packing each chapter with corny humor and endearing illustrations. However, his quirky jokes can’t hide the importance of his message or his infectious passion for it. 

My greatest takeaway from 3 Words That Will Change Your Life is Novotny’s lessons about “THIS” and “THAT”. Every good gift in our lives (THIS) is a reflection of God’s personality and goodness. For example, the way I feel when I gaze on my sleeping babies is a glimmer of how God feels when He looks at me, and also a sneak-peek at the joy I’ll feel when I’m with GOD for eternity. 

Every trial is also an opportunity to know God more. Scripture proclaims that when we see God’s glory, it will make us completely forget all the pain of our past. Thus, it stands to reason that no matter how great my suffering (THAT), God’s goodness is vastly greater in comparison. 

I’ve heard versions of those concepts preached many times in a variety of ways, but Novotny’s words hit home in a new way for me. His writing caused something to click in my mind, and THIS and THAT have become part of my daily thinking patterns. 

I urge you to check out the book for yourself, and find out more about the three words that can truly change your life.

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