Review: End Game 1★

Rachel Dylan embarks on her new Capital Intrigue series with romantic crime novel End Game, a story that combines suspense, love, and faith in one extravagant drama. 

FBI Agent Bailey Ryan is a young, beautiful professional working to make the world a safer place in her D.C. home. She finds her work exciting and fulfilling, but her dedication to the job and her fear of loss make her life a lonely one. When a possible serial killing case comes across her desk, she is paired with handsome NCIS Agent Marco Agostini and tasked with finding the killer before he strikes again. 

Despite Marco and Bailey’s tireless efforts, the body count keeps climbing, the secrets keep getting darker, and their leads keep taking them into more and more dangerous territory. As they get closer to the truth, danger forces them to rely on their faith in God and to become vulnerable with each other. Feelings start to awaken in Bailey that she isn’t sure she wants. 

Other hesitant romances and nefarious secrets fill Dylan’s novel, in a manner that feels at once over-the-top and stale. Dylan’s plot reads as uninspired, and readers may find themselves feeling like they’ve seen this movie before. The dramatic murders and corrupt government dramas are trite, the prose is worn and clichéd, and the characters are as thin as the paper they inhabit. 

The best that can be said for Dylan’s writing is that it was clean and wholesome. Faith in God played a significant role in the narrative and in the lives of nearly all the main characters. Despite its literary shortcomings, stock characters, and corny drama, readers may appreciate the book for embodying its genre’s trademarked elements. End Game does fulfill the basic expectations that it raises for romance, crime solving, and faith. For lovers of this particular niche genre, Dylan’s book may be just the ticket. 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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